Ellen Bond, Union Spy


Written by Jenni Lamb

Music, Lyrics & Movement by Tanji Harper & Blu Rhythm Collective

Conceived & Directed by Jess McLeod


Chopin Upstairs Theatre

March 30 - May 20, 2018



The year is 1864.  The Civil War has ripped America in half, and while Union forces greatly outnumber the Confederates, Jefferson Davis and his generals doggedly persevere.  Who can help end the war once and for all?  Enter Ellen Bond, Union Spy!  Mary Bowser is the (real!) freedwoman who risked it all to go undercover as "Ellen Bond, dim-witted but able" house slave to Jefferson and Varina Davis. "Ellen" cooks, cleans, and uses her photographic memory to collect military intel from the papers on Davis's desk.  This action-packed new seriocomedy also features contemporary music and dance, illuminating Mary’s exhilarating visions for the end of the Confederacy and the future of America.

Show Dates:
Mar 30 2018 to May 20 2018