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Death & Harry Houdini

Marvel with us as Houdini battles Death once more!

This show reappears May 12 - July 24, 2016!
Single Tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 24.


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Written and Directed by Nathan Allen
Magic by Dennis Watkins


After playing sold-out crowds in Chicago and Miami from January through August of 2012 and again in the summer of 2013, we're thrilled to bring back this dynamic, award-winning, magic-filled production.


A ringmaster leads us through the events of Harry’s life, all told through stunning magic, poignent dialogue and original music. We travel from the untimely passing of his father, through his first tent shows with his younger brother Theo, meeting his wife Bess, and beginning a journey towards fame on the Vaudeville circuit. All the while, Harry feels Death close on his heels and he won’t rest until he’s conquered him once and for all. Harry will walk on broken glass, swallow razor blades and risk his life in the Water Torture Cell, but will he pull off an escape from Death? Marvel with us as Houdini battles Death once more.



Show Dates:
May 12 2016 to Jul 24 2016

The Chopin Theatre 
1543 W. Division St., Chicago, IL





Theatrical Trailer
The Prologue

“A highly polished and visually thrilling show … strikingly well-designed and well-executed … MAGIC OF THE VERY HIGHEST ORDER!” 
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


“…high energy and lack of artifice in a loose, buzzy blend of traditional storytelling, music and spectacle… A THRILLING RIDE”
Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago


“‘Death and Harry Houdini’ soars on Dennis Watkins’ brilliance as a genuine magician and fearless stuntman…INGENIOUSLY WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by Nathan Allen.”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times


“The folks at the House Theatre of Chicago are celebrating their tenth anniversary by remounting their first show—and IT MAKES FOR A HELLUVA PARTY…Dennis Watkins is simply magnificent as Houdini.”
Kerry Ried, Chicago Reader